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Wall of Fame

We are very proud to present these 2016 Spring Grant Recipients!
Marcy Pavlock - 
Season It with Fun!
Jennifer Parrott-
Chillin’ With a Good Book
Rebecca Cawthon-
The Owlet Book Club
Jennifer Lewis-
Oh! The Things You’ll Read
Kim Ross-
Exploration of Science and Math
Amanda Sechelski-
From the Ground Up
Learn with Osmo
Dana Wagner-
Creativity Under Construction
Brittni Canizaro-
Utilizing 21st Century Skills in the classroom
Mathew Borski-
Taking Math on the Road
Shannon Greco and Nancy Kindle-
Light the Stage
Rebecca Wisnoski-
The Brain Power of Standing
Show me the Money!
Brenda McDonald-
Filling the Gap:  Providing Internet Access for Anywhere, Anytime Learning
Beth Whittle, Rachel Anderson, Stacey Byars-Cosby-
Portable Dry Erase for Interactive Application