Safety and Security Update - August 14, 2022

August 14, 2022
Greetings Owl Family, 
This message is from Scott Beene Superintendent of Schools.  Today, I want to take a few minutes of your time to follow up on a video, call-out I sent in mid-June on Safety and Security for the 22-23 school year.  A number of guidelines and mandates have been issued from the Texas Education Agency; additionally, Anderson-Shiro has implemented added measures in an effort to further enhance the safety and security of our students and staff.
Let me first cover the state mandates:

Exterior Door Audit - An audit of all exterior doors that have access to the educational facility was conducted by district and campus administrators as well as our SROs and Maintenance department.  Doors with concerns are being addressed for maintenance repairs or replacement.  (Complete)

Partial Summer Safety Audit - A partial summer safety audit was conducted by campus administration and campus-level safety and security teams.  These audits verified or noted areas to enhance safety on the campus. A sample of areas were: safety procedures, keys, interior doors, windows, threat assessment teams, and visitors to campuses. (Complete)

Written Safety Procedures for the district and campuses (In final stages).

Training the Threat Assessment Teams (In final stages).

Scheduling all mandatory drills. (Complete)

Training all staff and Substitutes on Safety Procedures (Complete). 
Additional enhancements ASCISD has dedicated to having in place immediately or ASAP.

Addition of a second School Resource Officer.  Complete - Deputy Allen Weaver will be placed on the Secondary Campus and Sergeant Michael Fiaschetti will be placed on the Elementary Campus.

New position in the area of School Counseling, Ms. Anne Worez has joined ASCISD as a Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate and will office on the Secondary Campus but will also be on the Elementary Campus daily.

AirPhone Intercom/Video system to access the main entrance of each campus and the district office.  (Waiting for installation)

Exterior Door “buzzer” system to notify when a door is propped open.  (Waiting for installation.)

Addition of surveillance cameras for both campuses. (Waiting for installation.)

New Emergency Management Notification Application for all staff.  This App will allow staff to enact emergency procedures on the campus when they notice or sense a concern or possible concern to the campus/district.
Implementation of “teach behind a locked door”.

Secondary students will be expected to wear and have visible an ASCISD School ID Badge.  This security measure helps identify all persons on campus.  Please help us stress to your children the importance of wearing the ID badge.

Staff on both campuses have been trained in Capturing Kids Hearts, a relation-building program for our staff to implement within the classroom to build meaningful relationships with our students.

Continuation and use of P3 Anonymous Tip Reporting on the campuses.

ASCISD knows we cannot be 100% preventative from any evil-doer, but we can continue to be vigilant and proactive in specific areas. Through the additions listed above, we ask that you please be patient as some of these layers may delay access and/or create other possible delays around the school, for example, traffic control on Hwy 149 & Hill St. as well as checking into the school to pick up your child for appointments, etc.  It WILL take additional time to access the school, please plan and prepare accordingly.  ASCISD is and will continue to improve the safety and security of each campus as additional areas of need are identified and determined.  We hope these additional layers provide another level of protection for our students and staff.
We thank you for all your support and dedication to our Owl family!
The video link below contains the same message in video format. 
Scott Beene
Superintendent of Schools