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Parent Letter Concerning Vaping & E-Cigarettes

May 8 th , 2018

Dear Parent and Guardians:

School districts throughout Texas have recently seen an increase in the student use of electronic
cigarettes and vaping pens. Anderson-Shiro CISD is not immune to this problem and is also
experiencing this trend. While we are addressing this issue in multiple ways at school, we also
want to keep parents/guardians informed, as we understand that “it takes a village” and we must
work together for the safety and security of our students in Anderson-Shiro.

The Texas School Safety Center states the following:

“Protecting our children from the dangers of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and tobacco
is a vital task requiring constant awareness and continuous effort on the part of
parents, state and local government officials, businesses and all Texans. Limiting
minor's access to tobacco is an ongoing effort to prevent young people from a
lifetime of tobacco addiction and possible disease and premature death.”

Because of the increasing concern of “vaping” or the use of e-cigarettes by students, the
consequences for being found with such products on campus have increased. Students found to
be in possession of a “vape," e-cigarette, or any liquid associated with the use of these items will
receive a minimum of a 3 day ISS placement for the first offense. In addition to school
consequences, the school resource officer may issue a citation to the student. It is illegal for any
individual under the age of 18 to possess these materials and they are not allowed on school
property for individuals of any age.

As a parent/guardian, we are asking that you consider researching vapes and e-cigarettes. They
are becoming increasingly smaller, cheaper, more accessible, and to be made to look like other
objects, such as pens or USB storage drives. This makes it harder for school administrators and
teachers to identify and collect from students. Many of the liquids used in these devices can be
purchased that have sweet smelling flavors and can also contain other illegal materials, such as
marijuana. We also ask that you have a conversation with your child about these products. We
realize that it may be a difficult and even controversial subject to bring up for some. However,
our greatest concern is for the health and safety of our students. As always, we appreciate your
support and help in maintaining a safe learning environment for all students.
James Thompson
Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School