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Anderson-Shiro CISD is a small rural 3A school nestled between Huntsville and Bryan-College Station.  The 263-square mile district serves 883 students. The school district is comprised of two schools, an elementary campus serving grades Pre-K through 5th and a combined junior and senior high campus for students in 6th through 12th grade.

Anderson-Shiro schools are the core of the community. Whether it is parents and neighbors gathering at academic family nights or friends and staff cheering at extra-curricular events, there is a strong sense of community pride across the expansive district.

Our stakeholders would describe our district’s culture as the blending of the essential fabric of the community with a focus on excellence that drives educating the whole child. Education has always been a primary focus of our small community. The school is the focal point of the town, both literally and figuratively. When you live in rural communities such as ours, the school is the life force of the community. It is where all people come together and where community, as well as school spirit, are intertwined. We at ASCISD continually strive to keep the feeling that Anderson-Shiro CISD is the heart of the community. It is clearly described in our district goals through a focus on parental and community involvement. Because our communities within our district are close-knit, we always keep in mind the values of home as we make decisions about the instruction the students will receive in school. In essence, we take what is happening in the district and continually challenge the status quo so that, as a district, we can provide the best education for all of our students. We believe that acceptable is not acceptable and good is not good enough. Therefore, we realize that if we want different results, we have to do things differently.  Therefore, we take an innovative approach to problem-solving in all we do in ASCISD.  

In Anderson-Shiro CISD, the most valuable assets are the values in our hearts and volunteering is a passion seated deep with our school community. It is a place where the spirit of the past instills a vision for the future and where homecoming is still a reason for everyone to come home. It is a place where champions are made and champions are being raised. It is a place where education reaches far beyond the books and hidden potential becomes a display of talent. It is a place where we care for our children and ensure their future.  ASCISD is a place rooted in tradition but coupled with cutting-edge opportunities.  Even though it is small in size, the district is very progressive. As one teacher describes, “This district provides 5A opportunities, but with a 3A heart.”  In order to continue to be a small, yet progressive, school district, we believe that investing in our people is the key. Our teachers and support staff are the ones who make the greatest impact on student achievement and, therefore, continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning is a priority.  Our students are considered our biggest asset -- for this, we must continually invest in them and those that serve them.