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Connect with Tech (1:1) Initiative


Anderson-Shiro CISD is fully committed to providing the best education possible for your student. This includes, among many other important endeavors, a technologically-rich learning environment. Our district vision is:

Anderson-Shiro CISD values:

  • Community
  • Relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Self-motivated learning

We will strive to cultivate a learning community that fosters innovation, appreciates individualism, and embraces creativity to inspire our students to take ownership of their future.

In order to fulfill this promise, ASCISD is embarking on a 1:1 digital initiative “Connect with Tech” in an effort to provide and promote 21st-century skills for all students. This initiative will begin with a pilot program focused on our 6th-grade students. These students were in a 1:1 program in their elementary classes and we would like to provide that continuity as they begin their junior high career. All 6th-grade students will be issued a district-owned Chromebook for educational uses for the remainder of the school year.

The 1:1 Chromebook initiative allows several things to occur for the benefit of student learning, including:

  • promoting student engagement and enthusiasm for learning,
  • allowing students to be producers rather than just consumers of information,
  • encouraging collaboration among students, teachers, parents, community members, and a global audience through interactive capabilities and opportunities,
  • guiding students in their learning and production of knowledge, and
  • allowing student access to information, along with an opportunity to connect it to their learning in a meaningful manner.